Trial and Error

We all know what works and what doesn’t after we brave through short or long term endeavors. And even if we “lose” we never lose the lessons we learn in them. This new year, I want to prioritize my health and well being. After attempting to practice yoga regularly  more than once, I want to finally grasp the physical and mental components of yoga and become a “yogi” as the title of this blog reads. What I will do differently this time is do further research, meditate more and do the  asanas (poses) in better form. All of this implies slow but sure progress. The biggest challenge I will face is time management, especially now that I work a full-time job and will begin to study for the GRE (Graduate Report Examination) in mid-February. This blog does not attempt to teach readers how “to yoga” but rather share the journey of a beginning practitioner and his commitment to a healthier lifestyle.