Today marks the third day of yoga practice. I’ve created a very small routine with the intention of perfecting the cat-cow and downward-facing dog positions. However, last night, I meditated for the first time and failed miserably. Again, I have practiced yoga before and have meditated in a large class (and once or twice alone), but last night, meditating without an instructor was challenging. My biggest problem was concentrating and I assume that trying to do so right before bed doesn’t help given that I often use that time to reflect deeply. And while reflection is a big part of meditation, I’ve learned that outside thoughts, especially disorganized thoughts serve only as a distraction. Nonetheless, I meditated for ten minutes and surprisingly felt relax shortly after and still feel at ease this morning.


2 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. If you meditated for 10 minutes, and felt better, then you didn’t fail. Switch perspectives- it was positive that you tried and you were successful in that those 10 minutes were beneficial. 🙂

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